About Us

Scope’s mission is to present everything about businesses to every user fast and free without harming our environment.

What is Scope?

SCOPE is an innovative, advanced, and well-designed local-business search app with an intelligent search function, that can help you find different businesses, their detail, recent offers, or events, around you easily.

Moreover, its advanced user-friendly dashboard helps business owners to manage their businesses in a professional way to communicate their recent offers or events to a huge number of customers fast, consequently, raise an increase the revenue.

Why Scope was developed?

Traditional ways of marketing harm the environment so hard by the amount of paper printed to create flyers, brochures, etc., and the oil burned to deliver them to the users. Scope cares about our globe’s future by offering new techniques of marketing.

As known, Users spend a lot of time to decided buying, trying, or visiting products, new meals, new stores, etc. With Scope, users can save time by finding the best stores nearby them and the best offers offered by those stores to save money.

Why to use Scope?

# Successful businesses are based on perfect communication between business owners and customers. Therefore, Scope was made to make this process easier. 

# Scope presents modern ways of marketing to promote any type of business. Also, Scope’s user can find the best businesses nearby which give the best offers daily.

Our Team

Rami Hzeem

AbdAlhaseeb HajZain

Scope's History

Launched in 2021, SCOPE’s unique marketing strategy has proved it as the basis for boosting, expanding, and promoting both startups or existed businesses by the way of raising the number of customers and increasing the revenue.