Frequently Asked Questions

Below is some helpful information to help you understand what SCOPE is, and get started to use it.

SCOPE is a platform, that was designed and developed to help business owners to boost, promote,  and expand business. Where they can add their business according to the categories, that SCOPE provides. Then they can post offers, events, or also send notifications to all SCOPE’s users.  They can use SCOPE’s banner, or make their business featured by communicating SCOPE’s management. 

SCOPE’s users are able to see those businesses and their communication information, location,  offers, events, and receive notifications . And therefore, they might be potential customers to all owners who are using SCOPE.

There are 3 main subscription plans. The first one is the free plan, in it, the subscriber can use all of the SCOPE’s features in a limited way. The second plan is the standard plan which costs 19.9 € monthly  or 199.9 € yearly with much more features. The last one is the premium plan which costs 49.9 € monthly or 479.9 € yearly that was designed for big businesses. 
Of course, you can contact SCOPE’s management to ask for a special plan that suits your business.

SCOPE’s dashboard is the place where you can manage your business account from. E.g., adding your business details, location, communication information, offers, events, and much more. We designed and developed the dashboard as a web-based platform but for sure it is mobile responsive. We also embedded it in the SCOPE application in a super professional way for fast access and control. 

Simply, because it is FREE. Creating a business account will allow you to try a different and modern way of promoting your business to grow the number of your customers and increase your business revenue. 

Registered business members can add their businesses and all their details including location,  images, phone number, website, opening time, etc. in addition to adding offers, events, sending notifications to nearby SCOPE users, and much more. 

You just need to create your free business account, choose a suitable plan for your business, then get all the benefits of SCOPE’s features. 

You can find all these details on our pricing page; each subscription plan has its own special features.

SCOPE campaigns are the notifications that you can send to all SCOPE’s users in your area. All that  you need to do is to create a new campaign then choose its type, and the specified item of the  chosen type, then choose if you want only Android users, Apple users, or both to receive your  notification. After that, choose whether you want to send it randomly or to the users that are 10 KM  far from you. Finally, write the title of the notification and its text then push it. (video, how to…)

You can pay your subscriptions using either PayPal or Stripe ( ex. Mastercard or any other types of Credit Cards. )

SCOPE banner is a featured area (image slider) on the main page of the mobile application, where  you can advertise important things related to your business by contacting the SCOPE team at: 

Simply, contact SCOPE’s management by just sending an email to containing some information, such as how many banners and for how long, etc. Then you will get a non-binding,  tailor-made offer according to your requirements.

If you have a special event and you want to inform your customers about it and you don’t have time to print brochures or flyers, just add it to SCOPE to communicate it to a huge number of interested customers in just a few clicks.

Normally, after subscribing, you cannot cancel your subscription until its end period.

If your subscription plan is a monthly plan, it cannot be refunded. But if your subscription plan is an annual plan, you can contact us at to come up with a solution (keep in mind that the refund will be half the value of the remaining term of your plan). 

By default, your plan will not be renewed automatically, but from your account, you can go to your profile and select “Auto-renew” in the “Subscription & Automatic Payments” section.

If you chose to renew your plan automatically, then SCOPE will renew it at the end of the currently running period. but, if you did not activate the auto-renew option, the SCOPE system will assign the Free one to your account, through which you can use your business account under the Free plan’s options. 

Of course, business owners can create their business accounts only using our web-based platform, then they can manage their business from the mobile application from the “Manage Your Business” option located in the side menu. The mobile user account is an account used to take advantage of the mobile application such as adding favorite businesses to the list of favorites, chatting with business owners, etc.