Scope advanced user-friendly dashboard helps you to manage your business in a professional way to communicate your recent offers or events to a huge number of customers fast and therefore raise and increase your revenue.

Here what you will get!

1. Promote your business for free

Using our free subscription plan, as a business owner, you can add your business to SCOPE which has more than 35 categories to fit your business type. Within few clicks, your business can reach more than 10K new potential users. Upgrading your subscription will give you more options to manage your business proficiency to get unexpected interactions which could raise your revenue.

An advanced, modern, and user-friendly dashboard will help you to manage your business. Within just a few clicks, you can create your account, add your business, place offers, send notifications, and much more.

3. You will Save time & money

Whenever you decided that you want to make an offer for your customers. You can add it to SCOPE. Not only your customers will see it but also all SCOPE’s users. No need to design and print any brochures or flyers and to pay for delivering them to the customers.

4. Notify your customers

SCOPE’s notification system was developed to help you to send notifications to all potential customers in your area, to inform them about whatever you want. New offer, branch, services? Literally, you can send everything you want from SCOPE’s notification system.

Scope Pricing plans

Our plans were made to meet any business requirements. Of course, you can try all Scope’s features for free, after that, upgrade your subscription to get the most benefits of it.